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This seminar is from a Biblical perspective. Those who attend are encouraged to bring their Bibles to these sessions. At the end of all of these sessions there will be a time for questions and answers. These sessions are participation oriented. It is the goal of this seminar to nurture the Kingdom of God and to heal the internal strife that is both within the Church as well as individual Christians.

The best format for this seminar is a weekend beginning on Friday evening or Saturday morning and ending Sunday during worship or Bible School. This will give those that attend time to reflect on what has been discussed. This will also allow for more individual study during this weekend.

Session One: Bitterness

This session will discuss what bitterness is. It will also look at the three common causes of bitterness. It will also discuss several steps to get rid of bitterness.

Session Two: Forgiveness

This session will discuss Biblically what forgiveness is. It will also look at many Biblical illustrations of forgiveness found in the parables and in people in the Bible.

Session Three: Lies about Forgiveness?

This session will discuss the power of believing a lie. It will also cover the most common lies that people believe about forgiveness.

Session Four: Hardest person to forgive

This session will look at three factors that determine the ease or difficulty of forgiveness. It will also discuss the traits comprise the hardest person to forgive.

Session Five: Steps to forgiveness

This session will discuss six Biblical steps to forgiveness.

Keynote Speaker - Muncie Indiana


Charles Gerber received his Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University in 1981. Charley has experience in individual, family, and group counseling. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Christian Counseling Services in Muncie, Indiana. Charley has spoken in many states across the country. He has made a number of appearances on television and radio. Charley is not just a counselor who is Christian — he is a Christian Counselor. He uses the Bible as his basis in all counseling. Charley is the author of four books: Christ-Centered Self-Esteem: Seeing Ourselves through God’s Eyes; Healing for a Bitter Heart: Releasing the Power of Forgiveness; and Living With Stress: Biblical Truths to Manage your Life; Mirror of the Heart: a Guide to Christlike Communication. He has also published two Bible studies series through — one series on fear and another series on stress.

Topics for Workshops, Retreats, and Seminars

Dealing with bitterness

Ways to improve self-esteem

Use of scripture in counseling

Difference in Christian and non Christian counseling


Marriage enrichment

Living with stress

Peer Pressure

Being better parents

Dealing with anxiety and fear

Helping people heal from abuse

18 ways to improve your relationships

Four emotional strongholds: Dealing with guilt, fear, bitterness and inappropriate self-esteem

Choosing better friends ? making better choices

How to make a difference in your world

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How to express anger

Overcoming depression

Food for thought: Dealing with and changing your thoughts

Three reasons to believe in creation

Ethical battles facing America

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